Our Story


Toni's Story

In 1962 my grandparents, Gerado & Carmela Scotto Di'Uccio opened Scotto's Bakery in Brooklyn NY.   Their reputation put them on the map as being know for their hospitality, hard work and amazing products.    A few decades later the business was sold, however the name, Scotto's Bakery still remains. Located in the same location, Scotto's Bakery today is known for there traditional methods and award winning products. 


Cheech's Story

As a well known business owner and Martial Arts Instructor for 34 years and 9th Degree Black Belt, my focus and beliefs are built on loyalty and dedication. 


Together the dream comes true

We were both instilled with many values and traditions from our families and career paths.   We look forward to carrying on these traditions through Fresh Cup Cafe.